Evaluation and Reflection

Winter isn’t solely a time for working on equipment, tree removal and planning our agronomic program for the upcoming season, it’s also a time for evaluation and reflection. Evaluation in the Grounds Department comes in many forms.  Not only are the employees and department evaluated, but the golf course is evaluated as well. From pesticide and fertilizer applications to frequency of rolling, topdressing rates and aerification plans, all are reviewed to ensure that expectations are met or hopefully exceeded for the least amount of expense. 
Most years, reflection seems to fall into a similar category as evaluation.  I always reflect on my decisions from the previous season and try to make an honest assessment of where I can improve to make our operation better with the ultimate goal of continuing to improve the golf course.  This year, however, with the flurry of activity surrounding the construction of the cell tower and the expansion of the highway along our south border, I found myself reflecting on several of the accomplishments that the golf course has had in recent past. 
This past week marked my six year anniversary here at Elcona, so I thought I would reflect back over a period of time that I am familiar with: the last six years. Below are just some of the accomplishments that the golf course has seen over the last six years.  Each one of these should be a source of pride for you as members as they show a level of commitment toward improvement and updating that many clubs are not currently able to participate in. I know that my staff and I are very proud of these projects and are very gracious for the support that you give us.

 Please click on photos for larger view.

Became fullly certified in the Audubon  
Cooperative Sanctuary Program
Completion of the Arthur Hills Master Plan
using our own labor and materials  

Complete renovation of the irrigation system
Renovation of #18 green with Arthur Hills

In-house renovation of #12 fairway bunker to
improve playability
In-house construction of the terrace on the
west side of the clubhouse
        Removal of hundreds of trees to improve turf health and
         eliminate overcrowding
I hope you enjoyed the brief trip back in time.  For me, I am now done reflecting and have turned my attention to the golf season that will be here before we know it. Stay tuned for future blog updates concerning the opening of the golf course for the season and course conditions.