Cartpath Work

On Wednesday and Thursday of next week (7/10,11) we will be repairing a portion of the cartpath on #13. Everyone is aware of the poor condition that the path is in and it has finally reached the point where repairs will no longer mask the problem.

#13 cartpath

The plan is to remove a 50 ft. section of the path that will serve as a test area and replace it with asphalt millings as opposed to traditional asphalt.  Why you ask? A vast majority of the path on #13 runs through a wooded area. Over time,as the trees have continued to mature, the root systems have led to cracking and heaving of the asphalt. Since it is highly unlikely that these trees will be removed any time soon, we are going to use asphalt millings instead of asphalt so that the chances for cracking are greatly reduced.

Raw millings before rolling

After the millings are in place, they will be rolled with a heavy roller. Because the millings still have asphalt properties, they should compact into a relatively solid surface that can withstand the daily demand of golf course traffic. You will notice a difference, but the hope is that this test area works well enough that it will provide us with an alternative material for cartpaths in areas where we have significant damage due to tree roots.

During the replacement, this area will be roped off from traffic and carts will need to drive around where work has been done. Most likely, the path will be opened for play by Saturday.