Winter Projects

A snowy view of the Terrace

As tame and mild as December was, winter has definitely made its presence known for the last six weeks.  Winter 2015 has quickly become known as the Winter of Clipper Systems this year, at least we have not heard much from the “Polar Vortex”!  Indoor projects and annual equipment maintenance is going strong currently. 
Outdoor projects have been temporarily put on hold until the weather improves.  The retaining walls along #1 green tee and #8 tees are on schedule for completion before the course opens.  Phase 2 of the Terrace Project, which involves continuing stamped concrete along the clubhouse’s perimeter, new paver stones and construction of a fire pit outside of the Fireside room, has some work that will be started later this month.  Removal of the old pavers and demo of the existing concrete is work that can be done, but until the frost is gone from the soil below, new materials cannot be constructed structurally sound. 
Kyle attaching box ends
One project that we completed last week was construction of new wood duck boxes to be placed along the pond shores on #3 and #14.  These boxes were constructed from cedar boards, which naturally resist weathering and rotting. 
Tools used and the final look of the “ladder”

Inside view of the completed box
One feature that is necessary for any new ducklings that nest in this box is a “ladder” that we had to plunge cut with a circular saw.  These notches serve as places that the ducklings can grab onto to climb out.  The entry/exit hole is another feature that is important to machine correctly.  The hole has to be near 4.5″ x 3.5″ at its widest/highest points.  This size prevents any predators, such as raccoons, from entering the nest and having a snack.  The post that the box will be mounted to will have a predator guard made from sheet metal attached to serve as a secondary protectant. 
The finished product
 The boxes will look similar to the picture below, will hopefully attract these ducks to the property, and serve as a safe habitat for their well being. 


If anyone is interested in the biology of wood ducks, constructing a wood duck box for their property, the plans and more, information can be found here