Course Notes, 9/10/2020

One week from today, the Golf Course Improvement Project will begin.  As I mentioned in Monday’s blog, Golf Creations will begin on September 17th at the Practice Facility.  While the facility will remain open for use, some areas may be temporarily unavailable due to the construction schedule for that day.  Tom and I encourage everyone to check with the Pro Shop each day for complete information on what is available for you on any day you visit Elcona.  Another reminder that they will be working in this order: Practice Facility, 9, 18, 17,16, and backwards from there. As of today, hole #1 will be the last hole to be worked on.

Sprayed and roped off grass area at the Practice Facility

You also will begin to notice more areas being roped off before construction for a period of time.  These areas have been treated with Round Up to kill off the existing grass and conserve topsoil.  Golf Creations will then rototill the area to shape the new bunker complex.  These roped off areas are to be treated as Ground Under Repair and should not be entered until the rope is removed.  The reason for this is for your safety and to prevent foot traffic from accidentally tracking the herbicide to grass that we all do not want killed, like greens and fairways.  Signage like the example below will be placed in these areas to remind everyone of this.  Below also shows how easily the herbicide can track on accident.  The ropes will be removed in a day or 2 after application when it is safe to walk on again.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Signage that will be placed in Round-Up areas.
Accidental tracking of herbicide and the result. Very easy to do!
Semi unloading bunker sand. The trailer is lifted 35 feet in the air to off load!

Finally, bunker sand has finally started to arrive on property, so all of the necessary materials are now here.  Below are each of the main aggregates needed to construct a bunker with the Better Billy Bunker liner.  

Topsoil piled high

Roughly 500 tons of topsoil was purchased to add additional shape to the new bunker complexes.  The topsoil was mixed with sand to best fit our native sandy loam soil here at Elcona.  

Pea gravel is stone that is between 1/4″ and 3″8″ in diameter.  This gravel will serve as both the fill between all drainage pipe and as the Better Billy liner.  Gravel is installed at a 2″ depth to create the liner before the Better Billy polymer is applied.  

1″ River Rock

River rock, similar to what you may find in landscaping beds, will be used to create drainage pits for the bunker drainage piping to feed into.

If you have any questions, please email me at Have a great weekend!


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