Course Notes, 9/20/2020

The shaping team from Golf Creations arrived late last week to begin Elcona’s Golf Course Improvement Project. Tom, Tom, and I are already impressed with the skill set of the shaper, as he has over 20 years of shaping experience, many of those on renovations at top 100 courses. He also shares our vision on the changes we want to accomplish and can execute those seamlessly. Below are summaries of what all everyone worked on, and some other tidbits you may have noticed the last week out on the golf course:

Sand was rototilled into the existing native sandy soil to form the new bunker base on 18. The wood stakes are where the new sand outline of the bunker will be.

A question I received frequently last week was what the wood stakes were marking. Unless noted on the stake, these are marking the new sand lines for the shaper to identify and contour the outside accordingly. This was suggested by our shaper to help him visualize the new bunker and surround.

The Practice Facility began to receive its facelift, with the addition of a practice bunker on the south end of the tee. We have always struggled with growing quality tee grass in that area due to the lack of sunlight, so it made sense to change direction and move the bunker to that location. The existing bunker next to the practice tee will be completely filled in over the next two months and eventually become an extension of the tee, adding additional yardage and square footage.

The Short Game bunker will be modified this coming week.

Rough shape for the new practice bunker

18’s bunker received a facelift as well. The slope going to the green was softened and recontoured to better shed water away from the sand area and to make maintenance of the turf easier. The floor of the bunker was raised approximately 18″ and given a slight upslope towards the green, and while you will still not see the green surface if in it, you will be able to see much more of the flagstick and have a better opportunity for recovery.

Rough grading complete on 18.
Ramiro uses both a skid steer and mini excavator to add soil and shape the bunker into its final form. Besides shaping, these units are critical in compacting the soil for stability.

The bunker on 9 has been filled in and the area is ready for sod. The approach will be expanded to the right about 3 yards with sod this week.

Tomas filling in 9 bunker with sub soil excavated on site. Approximately 30 loads of fill was needed to raise the soil to its final grade.
Ramiro using the skid steer to level topsoil to its rough grade. Both bentgrass and bluegrass sod will be needed to finish 9.
Bentgrass sod removal from 17 fairway. This sod will be used in other areas on the course, like where #9 approach

This week’s agenda for the Golf Course Improvement Project will focus primarily on the back 9 bunkers. Please check with the Pro Shop on what holes are available on the days you visit Elcona for a round of golf.

Animal damage right of 16 green.

Driving around Saturday afternoon I noticed raccoons/skunks were digging again to the right of 16 and 7. These animals are digging in the soil looking for grubs to eat. These areas have been treated again with an insecticide and the animal digging should go away as fall progresses.

Divot taken out on the left front of 8 green.

I also noticed a divot was taken out of 8 green on Saturday. While taken in jest or by accident, this turf will not recover and heal like a fairway divot and had to be plugged out. Please be respectful of your fellow member playing after you and take care of the putting surfaces!

If you have any questions please reach out to me at Thank you and have a great week!